Interview with HFHGV Board Director Richard Foster

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In January 2016 one of our dedicated Board members took part in a Habitat Global Village trip to Guatemala, building homes for hardworking, low-income Partner Families.

We caught up with Richard to hear about his experience.



Interview with Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver Board Director Richard Foster



Why did you decide to Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip?

Richard: I decided to participate in a Global Village expedition through Habitat for a number of reasons. Although I recently became a director with the Vancouver chapter, I made this decision independently of that role. I have always wanted to do something like this, Guatemala was an interesting country that I had never had the opportunity to visit and my daughter had the ability to join me and being her last year of high school, I was not confident that another opportunity would come along any time soon.


How did you find the application process?

The process was fairly easy, the briefings and support was tremendous all around in helping us get prepared for the trip. We had excellent Leaders (thanks Nick) with lots of past experience so at no time did we really feel unprepared.  


Who did you get to meet during your time in Guatemala?

The trip down was long and really a great chance to get to know our fellow volunteers, many who had done a trip previously. At the Habitat office in Panajachel we got to meet the two deserving families we were going to be building for. A very humbling and rewarding experience for sure.


What was the work like?

The work was hard and yet the feeling amongst the group was always upbeat and gratifying. Our group was divided in two and both groups had very different sites and starting points. Every night back at our hotel we would gather and share stories of the day and always ate together.


What was the accommodation like?

The accommodations were pleasant, the food diverse enough and the scenery always an eye full.


What advice would you give to someone considering taking part in a Habitat Global Village trip?

I cannot say enough about my experience and frankly cannot wait to go again. When I compare it to all the “all-inclusive sit by the pool” vacations I have had in my life, I can only say I would trade them all for this experience time and time again, hands down.


Thank you to Habitat for Humanity for allowing my daughter and I to have such a rewarding experience with your organization.



All donations made to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver include a tithe to help build Habitat homes throughout the world.

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