Partnership between HFHGV and Green Coast Rubbish

Christina Radvak and Eamonn Duignan all smiles about our partnership

Christina Radvak and Eamonn Duignan all smiles about our partnership

It is the start of a great official partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Green Coast Rubbish!

We would like to thank Green Coast Rubbish’s support in Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver’s deconstruction program, which directs building waste from the landfill, creating valuable opportunities for volunteers and raising money to build affordable housing in Greater Vancouver. This deconstruction program is good for the home owners because it provides them a unique opportunity to benefit the environment and give back to the community as they begin home renovations and demolitions.

Thank you Green Coast Rubbish for being such a wonderful partner in our deconstruction program! We are very excited to be working with you! Our sustainable ways will benefit the environment by reducing the amount we contribute to landfills. Deconstruction work is done by Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver’s deconstruction team consisting of individuals looking for valuable skills training and connection with others, which are led by the deconstruction manager, Christina Radvak.

In February, Green Coast Rubbish will donate a full kitchen when working on a project with Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver. Materials such as cabinetry, vanities, doors, flooring, and even framing lumber can be deconstructed and salvaged, which will also be resold through Habitat’s social enterprise, the ReStore.

We had a wonderful time working with Green Coast Rubbish! Thank you for contributing to the community and being part of our team!  

For more information about Green Coast Rubbish and our partnership, click on the link below:

For more information on Habitat for Humanity and donating to the ReStores click in the link below:

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