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Deconstruction Services

You know Habitat for Humanity does new construction, but did you know we also do construction in reverse? It is called Deconstruction, it is the selective disassembly of a structure specifically for reuse, recycling and waste management. Deconstruction focuses on giving reusable materials within a home or building, a new life by means of careful removal by our deconstruction crew.  

The deconstructed materials are given a second chance at life when they are delivered to our ReStores to be resold. All proceeds from deconstruction go to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver to build affordable homes for middle to low income families.


Kitchen Salvage


We will remove

  • Kitchen cabinetry 
  • Appliances
  • Countertop
  • Sink and faucet 
  • Cabinet wiring and lighting


Interior/Exterior Salvage

We will remove

  • Kitchen cabinetry 
  • Appliances
  • Countertop
  • Sink and faucet 
  • Cabinet wiring and lighting
  • Batroom vanity
  • doors
  • lighting
  • landscape pavers
  • Select plants


Full-House Deconstruction

We will remove everything from the roof down to the foundation



Why Deconstruct?

We will:

  • Arrange a time to meet with you
  • Assess the items you wish to donate
  • Remove salvageable materials
  • Issue a tax receipt for the sale value of items
  • Clean up

You will:

  • Save money on labour costs and disposal fees
  • Receive a CRA tax receipt for the sale value of your donation
  • Feel good about doing your part to keep architectural waste out of the landfill


Deconstruction Schedule:



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More information about the deconstruction process:


Q: What is the estimated time needed for deconstruction?

A: The average kitchen deconstruction will need one day for removal and another day for pickup. 2 days in total.
For smaller kitchens we can often do everything in one day.
When required to do larger deconstruction projects we will determine the timeline based on volume.


Q: What amount of money can I expect to receive on my tax receipt?

A: We base the amount of the tax receipt administered on the dollar figure sold in the ReStore. Until the deconstruction is fully completed, the exact value of the tax receipt is impossible to determine.  However, we sell our kitchen on a scale from $500-$10,000. The value is determined by the success of the salvage depending on the method of original installation, quality, style, color and any existing damage. The amount can even be higher if appliances are donated as well. 


Q: Is there a fee for deconstruction?

A: In most cases we operate on a “by donation” basis.  This means that we will accept monetary donations of any amount for our services but that amount is entirely at the discretion of our deconstruction clients.
The only exception to this is when granite countertops are involved.  Granite countertops are hard to salvage and if they crack at all, we have to dispose of them. Therefore, we will always charge $400 if we have to remove them because even if they are removed in one piece, anything can happen during transport to the ReStore.

All monetary donations will be reimbursed in the form of tax receipts. 


Q: If any damage is done to the drywall, will the deconstruction team repair it or will this be left for me to repair?

A: Deconstruction is a delicate process and sledge hammers are not in our tool box. We will not do repairs to drywall but damage is very unlikely to occur.