Celebrating National Volunteer Week - April 15-21

Meet Matt and Yvette...

Canada’s National Volunteer Week, which takes place this year from April 15 to April 21 is a time to celebrate and thank the 12.7 million volunteers across Canada that philanthropically contribute to the nation’s many causes. Habitat for Humanity across the world relies on volunteers to complete the manual labour associated with building homes for families. In Greater Vancouver, we can confidently say that we’ve had volunteers log a total of over 6000 hours throughout the last year alone! At our build site in Richmond, which will soon be the location of 12 new homes for families, we see many volunteers. Corporate Build Days bring out groups of co-workers for full-day builds and in addition, we also have individual volunteers that we’ve come to rely on through their regular commitment of time and energy. Today we feature two of our many dedicated supporters. Both have been working tirelessly to help get the homes built. Committed as if it were a paying job, Matt and Yvette are familiar faces on a weekly basis in Richmond, and symbols of why we’re able to do the work we do. 

Get to know why they stay involved below; and learn how you can sign up for a build day or volunteer here.


Matt is a mainstay for the build team and has been volunteering every Thursday for the last 6 months. Matt works exceptionally hard to deliver quality work. His knowledge of the site and construction is an invaluable asset to the Habitat team. Matt is always willing to assist other volunteers, helping them find tools, explaining the days’ tasks and tackling projects himself. Matt’s willing attitude and work ethic help build a great team atmosphere when he is on site. Thank you Matt for all your hard work and especially all the heaving lifting!


Yvette donates her time every Wednesday, rain or shine, to the Richmond build. She is friendly, knows her way around the build site, and is willing to work on any task assigned to her. She lives in Richmond, close to the site, so volunteering on site is a perfect way to get involved in her community. Yvette started volunteering because she wanted to give back to her community. She remembers coming to Canada as a young immigrant, without the ability to speak English. She remembers how nice and welcoming people in Canada were to her, so she enjoys being able to do something for the people in her community, especially to assist other families like Gamachu and Dureti (a partner family who will be receiving one of the Richmond homes this summer) in achieving their dream of home ownership.

If you’d like to volunteer as an individual this year, find more information on our Volunteer Page. You can also volunteer with your colleagues through our Corporate Build Day program, more information here. If you’re strapped for time but still want to support the work that Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver is doing, please donate here.

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