Donate to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver


Building Materials

You can support our builds by donating new building materials including drywall, lumber, nails, shingles or retaining walls like Nilex kindly donated to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver for the Phase Six Townhouse project in Burnaby, BC.

Professional Labour

You can also support and contribute to Habitat's mission by offering professional skills, such as framing, finishing, plumbing and painting. 


For more details contact:
Stephani Baker
(604) 681-5618



Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation eligible for a tax receipt?

Tax eligibility can vary depending on where you are from (which country) and which initiative you've chosen to support.

Habitat for Humanity Society of Greater Vancouver will issue official donation receipts to donors from Canada unless a specific Category, Project or Team is ineligible for tax receipts.

If you are an international donor with a residence outside of Canada, you can donate but we will not issue a tax receipt.

You'll be notified during the donation process whether you are eligible for a tax receipt or not.

Is my donation refundable?

As a general rule, all donations are non-refundable once processed. Exceptions may be made and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Here are some example situations where a donation might be eligible for a refund:

a) We messed up

Errors related to a technology or processing failure during the donation process are rare but can occur. Upon review and confirmation of the error, we'll refund the amount in question and no refund fee will be applied.

b) You messed up

If you've accidentally entered and processed the wrong donation amount (e.g., you've entered $1,000 instead of $100), we'll refund the donation amount, minus a flat fee of $10 to cover credit card and administrative costs.

In which currency will my donation be processed?

Canadian credit cards will be charged in CAD.

All international credit cards will be charged in local currency, converted from the submitted CAD donation amount using daily market conversion rates.

Note: For international credit card donations, some credit card companies charge an additional exchange fee. This is not something we can control, and if you think you've been charged an extra fee please contact your credit card company for clarification.

Is there a maximum amount I can donate?

The maximum donation allowed through this website is $1000. If you would like to make a gift greater than $1000, please contact us.

Can I make a donation on behalf of a friend or family member?

If you want to make a donation as a tribute to a loved one, you can leave a dedication during the checkout where it says 'I'm supporting this because'.

The law requires us to issue official tax receipts only to the name on your credit card or cheque. While you can honor someone else by making a donation, the receipt cannot be issued in someone else's name.

How do I change the name and address on my tax receipt?

Each tax receipt must be issued in the name that corresponds with the billing name submitted during the donation process.

Our general policy is that tax receipts cannot be changed and reissued, but please advise us if there is a mistake on your receipt and we will see what we can do.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, you must donate a minimum of $20.

Who issues the tax receipts?

Your eligibility for a tax receipt will be determined by your residency and the initiative you've chosen to support.

Habitat for Humanity Society of Greater Vancouver (881983183RR001) issues tax receipts to eligible donors.