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Habitat for Humanity's mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our vision is of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Run for Habitat

Lace up your runners and hit the pavement on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver, a BMO Vancouver Marathon national charity.

  • Habitat Greater Vancouver is very pleased to announce that its Development Variance Permit application was approved on Wednesday, June 24 2015 by the municipality of Richmond.  Habitat Greater Vancouver is seeking authorization for its 8180 Ash Street development project to build 6 single family homes with rental suites that will provide 12 hardworking families with homes.

    The organisation’s municipal application had to be reintroduced after its Development Variance Permit was denied this spring based on vehicle manoeuverability in parking areas, concerns expressed by the community on house design and need for additional community consultation.

    Habitat successfully addressed those issues and inquiries before the Development Permit Panel. Subsequently, the organization is now able to submit for City Council approval on July 13th and proceed to apply for a building permit by late September. Habitat Greater Vancouver will announce its new ground-breaking date in late fall and extends its deepest appreciation to its supporters for their continued commitment and patience.

  • When Randall Forrester, or Randy as he likes to be called, and his family moved into their house in the spring of 2004, he knew he was setting the foundation for his ten year plan. He and his wife had been proactively searching for a house for a long while and were getting ready to move out east to Saskatchewan when they heard about Habitat for Humanity on a CBC show.

    Despite a few reservations, Randall decided to attend an introduction session and as they say the rest is history. Even though the time between the application and actual move was longer than he expected, Randy says that he and his wife were very clear that it was a “hand up” that would allow them to move into the local market they had been struggling with for so long.

    “We knew we were reasonable, hardworking people and that we would get there”.

    At the end of last summer Randy’s dream came true and he was able to acquire a house in New Westminster thanks to the Habitat Greater Vancouver buyback process. When asked about moving out of his ten-year home, Randy describes his exiting experience as “fantastic” as flexibility allowed him to plan out his transfer from one house to another on a convenient schedule.

    The Forrester family’s Habitat journey was not a “perfect picture” as Randy puts it. Of course, there were a few challenges along the way, such as finding a school for his daughter, but he describes his experience as instrumental to accessing the regular market and feels strongly about “passing the opportunity along to others”.

    He says that having worked onsite at Habitat while fulfilling the sweat equity requirement is really helping out with his current remodelling. “It gave me so much more knowledge and the practical skills of building and renovating a house”. Needless to say, Randy is also a frequent ReStore customer where he shops for supplies.

    Randy says he is extremely grateful to Habitat for the opportunity and is eager to continue his relationship with the organization through supportive involvement. We wish him the best on his new adventure as a homeowner and look forward to running into him at the ReStores.


    Dear Power Women,Volunteers and Partners


    I regret to inform you that our ground-breaking date for 8180 Ash Street has been postponed to the fall of 2015 due to the municipal application process.

    Unfortunately, the feedback received from the community on house design and vehicle manoeuverability in parking areas has resulted in the denial of our Development Variance Permit application; thus forcing us to reconsider the calendar for our build in Richmond.

    Also, we have been instructed by the City of Richmond to further our consultation with the local community. Hence, we will be holding a Public Information Meeting on May 12th at Debeck Elementary School, 8600 Ash Street from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

    We will resubmit our application before the Development Permit Panel on June 24th and before City Council on July 13th.

    I take this opportunity to personally thank you for your continuous support and patience.  We are thrilled by the interest our new build project has garnered. All across Metro Vancouver, Power Women and their supporters are taking a stand for affordable homeownership.

    Though we are eager to break ground and put families into homes fast, we understand that sometimes the municipal approval process can be challenging. We are now more than ever determined to address all issues and inquiries in order to allow for a build date in late fall.

    We thank you for your continuous support and patience and look forward to seeing you on our build site.



    Tim Clark


  • We had the pleasure of being visited by Peter Taylor, General Manager of Habitat for Humanity Christchurch, New Zealand! It was great to share experiences and learn from each other.

    Habitat for Humanity Christchurch serves a community of nearly 400,000. During the 2010 - 2011 earthquakes, the city suffered severe damage and destruction and around 10,000 dwellings were found beyond repair. In addition to the damages, property prices skyrocketed and as of today Christchurch is the fourth least affordable housing market in the world.

    Habitat for Humanity Christchurch provides a hand up to hardworking families in a context where homeownership is decreasing. In 2013, 64.8 percent of households owned their home or held it in a family trust, down from 66.9 percent in 2006 (The Need in New Zealand – retrieved from ).

    Habitat for Humanity Christchurch has provided 20 families in Canterbury with a home and hopes to move on to larger projects in the near future.

    We wish them good success and to Peter Taylor, a nice stay and safe travel on his (long) way back next week!

    Click here for more information about families in Christchurch.

  • RUNNERS! The BMO Vancouver Marathon is fast approaching (May 3, 2015). With just over a month to go, sign up and run for you, and Habitat Greater Vancouver. 

    Discounted registration ends April 4, 2015. To sign up, click here.

    To volunteer at our water station at Camosun and 38th, cheering on our runners and supporters, sign up here today (and choose Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver as your charity of choice).

    We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all on running day!


  • Thank you to Women Build ambassador and fabulous interior designer Jillian Harris for giving our Women Build participants and fundraisers tips on how to spruce up their home designs during an intimate setting at our Burnaby ReStore-Enterprise location (7977 Enterprise Street).


    For those who couldn't make it, here are some of Jillian's golden nuggets:


    1. Give your space history

    Modern is great but modern can date. Give your home an eclectic feel by blending old and new. After all, your rooms should be timeless, not stark.

    2. Be bold, use colour

    Not everything needs to be white. Consider keeping some antique pieces in their original state. It will give the room a sense of story and soul that can be shared.

    3. Mix and match

    There is no one way about design. Incorporate patterns and textures from your travels. Be expressive and explorative and forget about whether it goes or not with anything else. Ultimately, your designs are about you!

    4. If you don't love it, leave it

    Don't be married to designs you once liked if you've lost the connection. Be brave and consider replacing items that no longer serve your esthetic or have function. And donate what you don’t need to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver’s ReStores.


    For more tips by Jillian, click here.

    For images from the Jillian Harris DIY event at our Burnaby ReStore-Enterprise Street location, click here.

    Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event, including Women Build ambassadors Fiona Forbes and Kerry Sauriol, Shell Busey, Monica Busey-Ballard and Samantha and Kathy Van Gogh.

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